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(GMT +07:00) Asia/Jakarta

Full Paper Submission February 28, 2021 - August 31, 2021
Acceptance Notification: August 16, 2021
Paper Revision Submission September 1, 2021
Conference Date: February 2, 2021 - February 2, 2021


Societies need a global transformation towards sustainable development and the improvement of living conditions at local and global level. The covid-19 pandemic affects significantly the human being life. It challenges such as health and demographic change, food security, quality education for all, secure and clean water, green and efficient energy sources, climate change, and secure communities.

Those challenges require the engagement of the universities responding at global and local levels. The universities shall take the part in generating advanced technology, creating innovative products and process. Universities are called to become a trigger of change, standing at the center of the discussion and moving towards action. Meanwhile, the collaboration between the universities and research centres, government and public agencies, industries, societies and non-governmental organization is a need to respond those challenges and accelerate, which is known as quadruple helix approach.

This QiR International Conference aims to be an international meeting to discuss on the role of the science and technology in the 21st Century. The conference will focus on Resilience and Adaptability for a Post-Pandemic World: Exploring Technology for Our Green Environment. The main objective of the Conference is to open a worldwide discussion on the current role of technology in the academic and scientific areas and on their importance to boost a more responsible society post pandemic

The event will gather representatives from different countries and from diverse areas of knowledge and fields (education, research, public institutions, organizations) in order to talk on the role of the advance technology in the world. The Conference is devised as a space to exchange ideas and discussion on the challenges that life and its environmental faces in the 21st Century and the role of advance technologies play in those challenges.

Furthermore, QIR 2021 will also  have benefit for  industry  sector, since  it would create a close  contact between and among the audiences. The audiences mostly come  from different  job   and  activities; therefore this  is a great potential and opportunity to meet each other, creating fruitful discussions and broaden business relationship.

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