International Conference on Indian Knowledge System, Science and Spirituality for Advancing Technology

Nagpur, India

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Civil Engineering (CE) Incorporating Vedic principles in modern civil engineering design.Sustainable water management: Lessons from ancient Indian water harvesting techniques. Innovations in Indian traditional construction materials and techniques. Integrating principles of Vaastu Shastra in modern building design.
Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) Additive Manufacturing, Optimization, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Advance Manufacturing Process Ancient and Advances in Material Science and design strategies. Influence of concept in Agricultural and Environment sustainability.
Electrical Engineering (EE) Electronics & Electrical Technology in Ancient Era. Sustainable Habitat & Green Solutions. Advanced Power System and Control. System Spirituality Inspired Power Electronics & Electric Drives.
Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Ancient Indian Communication Technology Application of Remote Sensing in Rural Technology Innovative Tools and Implementation in Rural Livelihood Approach Advances in Communication Engineering & Signal Processing Vedas Telepathy in Communication Vedas application in Robotics.
Computer Science Engineering and Computer Applications (CSE CA) Artificial Intelligence for sustainability Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet Enabled Infrastructure for Sustainability Internet of Things(IoT) Cryptography and Network Security Image Processing Blockchains Technology Virtual/Augmented Reality Computer Vision
Biotechnology (BT) Ayurveda and Biotechnology Impacts of the Biotechnological advances on Indian Society Ancient Indian Biotechnology and it's relevance in current era Sustainability through Biotechnology Art of Brewing
Interdisciplinary Sciences and Other Areas (IDS) General Relativity Real and Complex Analysis New Trends in Advanced Material Technology Polymer Chemistry Green Chemistry Concept of Nano chemistry in Ancient Science Ancient Environmental Chemistry and its development Quantum Physics and Power of Mind
Management (MGMT) Sustainable Development Goals & IKS Human lifestyle, holistic health & IKS Modern education system & IKS Governance and development mechanisms & IKS Rural Entrepreneurship & Agri Business Management Indian Knowledge system based on ancient and modern technology

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(GMT +05:30) Asia/Calcutta

Full Paper Submission November 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024
Acceptance Notification: February 29, 2024
Paper Revision Submission February 29, 2024
Conference Date: March 15, 2024 - March 16, 2024

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