Micromobility Conference 2023
(Micromobility Conference 2023)

Phil Latz
Sydney, Australia

Official Website: https://micromobilityconference.com

Closed Submission Link: https://submit-manuscript.org/s/640154e3cf297

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 Available Tracks

Track Description
Making it Right (MiR) Designing and building better active transport infrastructure
Making it There (MiT) The commercial transport and logistics revolution
Making it Happen (MiH) Changing mobility behaviour and social attitudes
Making it Pay (MiP) How to run micromobility's economic engine - making it viable.

 Important Dates
(GMT +11:00) Australia/Sydney

Abstract Submission March 8, 2023 - May 12, 2023
Acceptance Notification: June 30, 2023
Conference Date: October 24, 2023 - October 25, 2023

Submission is closed