Conference on Social, Science, Technology, Language, and Education Research 2023
(CASTLE 2023)

Kelompok Peneliti Muda Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia

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 Available Tracks

Track Description
Social Science Research (SSR) All types of social science research with innovative ideas
Natural Science Research (NCR) All types of natural science research with innovative ideas
Engineering Research (ER) All types of engineering research with innovative ideas
Language Research (LR) All types of language research with innovative ideas
Education Research (ER) All types of education research with innovative ideas

 Important Dates
(GMT +07:00) Antarctica/Davis

Abstract Submission May 15, 2023 - August 6, 2023
Full Paper Submission August 8, 2023 - August 18, 2023
Acceptance Notification: August 15, 2023
Conference Date: September 2, 2023 - September 2, 2023
CASTLE is a national-level seminar/conference event attended by expert speakers from various partner institutions in their respective fields. It is attended by participants and presenters who have prepared papers to be presented and discussed in accordance with the specified subfields

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